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MHW-4217 HF Whip Antenna for Mobile

MHW-4217 is an ultra-compact and ultra lightweight, portable HF telescopic WhipAntenna, designed for max. 15…20W QRP operation in 40/20/17m bands. It was published in several amateur radio magazines. It is so easy to operate it: just select desired HF band and tune it for max. reception (Rx noise). Use min. Tx power to tune-it and guide yourself with the tune points marked. Preferably have a QRP TRx equipped with SWR measurement, look for minimum SWR indication on screen. We made 4300km contacts (see video below) with this antenna. Do not expect magic 🙂 but expect it to actually work. It is excellent on reception of HF bands, decent on QSOs on 40/20/17m. Most efficient is on 20m & 17m. *Counterpoise (aprox. 2.5m, with 2mm mini-bannana plug) and BNC  (male-to-male) adapter are included. *Counterpoise most of the time NOT needed, you will notice by experimenting that SWR varies based on position of the antenna kept at shoulder level.

➡️ Technical specifications & features:
– operation: single-hand (right) operation possible (both band switching and tuning)
– manufacturer: roWaves Technologies
– SKU: ANT-03
– max. rated power: 15W SSB, 10W CW
– SWR: < 1.3 @ 40m | < 1.1 @ 20m  | < 1.1 @ 17m
– operating bands: 40/20/17m (SP3T toggle switched)
– tunning mode: continuous, with variable capacitor (polyvaricon inside)
– dimmensions*: L=19.5cm x W=7.5 x H=4.5cm (*without BNC adapter and counterpoise)
– RF connector installed: BNC, female (BNC male-male adapter is included, but also available HERE if you need more)
– telescopic antenna length: 1.38m (extended) and 9.5cm compressed
– TUNE DIAL with band resonance points (have an error of 1…10% on their location due to parts tolerances)
– weight: 115g (142g inlcuding BNC male-male adapter and 2m counterpoise
Price :

 53,80 (excl. VAT)

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DL5PIA Petra on QSO with YO6TJJ/QRP, on MHW-4217 HF MiniWhip Antenna:

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 cm


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