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JUMA RX-1 | Rx 80m/40m | DDS | SSB/CW v.3

➡️ New version V.3:
JUMA RX-1 DCR receiver, CW/SSB, with continuous tuning from 100KHz to 8MHz, SMT technology. LO is implemented with AD9833 DDS. Display function, DDS control and other functions (eg S-meter, MUTE function, voltmeter display) are implemented on a 2X16CH alphanumeric LCD, with backlight, using a PIC16F819 (from 16F8xx series). AGC and SSB filter (2.5KHz LPF) implemented. Low battery sound alarm. This product is copyrighted to (OH7SV & OH2NLT). All necessary data (schematics, bill of materials, layouts, wiring, manual) are provided below at “Downloads“.

➡️ General specifications:
– sensitivity: 0.22µV (-120dBm)
– DDS digital synthesis with AD9833
– LCD display & control: PIC16F819 microprocessor- audio level: 730mW
– HF bands possible to receive: 160m/80m/60m/40m (filters only for 80m&40m, continuos tunning from 100KHz to 8MHz)
– frequency selection in 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz, 1MHz steps
– display resolution: 10Hz on 6-character display
– SSB / CW modes, 300Hz… 2.5KHz filters
– 2 X 16CH LCD with backlight with S-meter on LCD display (24 divisions)
– anti-slip transparent rubber feets
– a new and improved look (each unit has its own serial no. on back-panel, ver. no etc.)
Price :

 50,00 (excl. VAT)

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Freq. domainFo100 ÷ 7100KHz
HF bandB80/40m
Modulation type (Rx)MDSB/SSB (A3E/J3E), CW (A1A/A2A)-
Dynamic rangeD-12dBm160mVp-p
Max. antenna levelSmax.+20dBm
Display resolutionRes.10Hz
Freq. stepsFstep0.01/0.1/100KHz
Filter BWFbw300-2500HzSSB/CW
Display typeLCD16X2CH
Audio levelPAF730mW
Supply voltage rangeVcc9-15Vdc
Current consumptionRx cur.50
normal vol. level
max. vol. level
Tune mode-DDS...with encoder
Headphones connector-3.5mmfemale connector
Audio level-with potențiometer--
Antenna connectorBNC-BNC

Calibration video of the JUMA RX-1 receiver, uploaded on our newest YoutTube channel: QRPwithMe (please subscribe so you get the latest material we publish there 👍):

Reception test video with Juma RX-1:


User Manual:

Block diagram: LINK

DDS board schematic:

BOM (Bill of Materials) DDS board:

Main RF board schematic: 

BOM (Bill of Materials) main RF board:

Wiring & case size and main board broadband transformer dimmensions:

BOM (Bill of Materials) mechanicals:


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 5 cm


  1. Jelke van der Meer PA0MHZ (verified owner)

    I am quite a fan of NVIS antennas. These are antennas that are hung quite low above the ground. The results of this are highly dependent on the soil type and the altitude. NVIS antennas work particularly well on the 80 and 40 meter amateur bands.
    Due to the low height you will hardly be bothered by noise and therefore many stations can be received that you normally do not hear because of the noise level. For reception experiments I bought this receiver and I am very satisfied with it. I still have to use an adapter but will soon be installing a battery holder so that I can use it with battery power.
    My copy is in ssb 14 hertz above the reception frequency on the display and I think that’s pretty good for this type of receiver. Of course, such a receiver is also perfectly suitable to take with you on holiday. With a short piece of wire there is still a lot to listen to.

  2. Josef Hermann (verified owner)

    Ich wollte neulich einen Juma RX bestellen, da bin ich auf die Homepage von roWaves gestoßen. Dies ist eine kleine Firma in Rumänien die diese Bausätze von der Firma Juma vertreibt. Der Juma Empfänger hat ein besseres Gehäuse bekommen und die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut. Der Empfänger spielt auf 80m und 40m sehr gut. Diesen kleinen Empfänger kann man in Urlaub mitnehmen und Amateurfunk empfangen und auch AM Stationen. Der Preis ist akzeptabel man bekommt einen fertigen aufgebauten Empfänger, der in SMD Bauteile aufgebaut ist. Und das Beste ist noch der Empfänger hat einen DDS und keinen Analogen VFO der driftet. Ich wünsche euch noch alles Gute.
    73 Josef

  3. John McClun

    Bought this RX-1 receiver as a receiver for when not in the shack. Tuned wire antenna and this little rig receives everything I want to hear.

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