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RX3361| 80m | direct conv. Rx

ROW-RX3361 direct conversion  receiver, CW/SSB for 80m, with freq. coverage from 3500-3800KHz (BB104G varicap tunning). LO is implemented with internal oscillator circuitry. Ultra small size, for portable and novice use. Useful as shack control radio or other purposes. Very stable VFO, quality audio. SSB/CW switch. VOLUME, TUNE, RF GAIN (att.) potentiometers are not included. 9V battery power supply. The board is ALREADY tuned and coils adjusted, ready to be wired to potentiometers, on/off switch, battery, speaker etc. The assembled board is fully functional. You will need a case for it. You will receive printed schematic diagram in the package, schematic is available at “Downloads” below.

➡️ General specifications:
– sensitivity: approx. 0.25µV
– 80m band coverage (full band): 3500-3800KHz
– TUNE control: 1 x 10k multiturn potentiometer
– RFL. (RF level) potentiometer: 1 x 10k
– VOL. potentiometer: 1 x 50k log.
– speaker: 4 or 8 ohm
– SSB / CW modes: selectable via a switch / RC filter
– 25g weight, 50 x 60 x 20mm, the case is not included. 9V battery power supply
Price :

 22,00 (excl. VAT)

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Reception performance test video with ROW-RX3361:

  – schematic diagram rev. 1.01 (click PDF icon) ➡️
  – assembly instructions ( for KIT) rev. 1.0) ➡️ (available soon…)

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm


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