DJ1WF VLF pocket receiver, kit or assembled

Order now for next week delivery, from stock ! DJ1WF VLF Pocket Receiver is a superheterodine receiver for CW, with freq. coverage from about 5KHz up to 225KHz (BB112 varicap tuning). BFO is implemented with 455KHz ceramic oscillator. 455KHz (3KHz BW) ceramic filter (LTM455HW) on board. Ultra small size, for portable use. Useful as VLF control radio or for other purposes (lightning monitoring, natural made noise…). Included antenna: telescopic min. 45cm max. 75cm, for optimum results. Very stable VFO, quality audio. 9V battery powered. You can use this radio to receive SAQ on 17.2KHz, RSDN-20 on 11-16KHz, MSF on 60KHz, RBU on 66.666KHz, DCF77 on 77.5KHz and other VLF stations and transmissions on this band. It is very sensitive with its telescopic antenna. Volume and ON/OFF switch are on the same side potentiometer (10k). 1k antenna RF level / mixer input level potentiometer(1k). Tuning with 10k multiturn potentiometer.

Finished radio, calibrated, ready to use. NOW with 3.5mm Phones Jack on top of the enclosure (not visible in pics). Also available as KIT. See buying options below.

General specifications:

  • sensitivity: BF963 MOSFET on front-end
  • antenna size: BNC type, min. 45cm telescopic max. 75cm, included
  • VLF band coverage: 5 – 220KHz
  • internal (shielded) speaker: 8Ω/0.5W
  • PHONO jack output: 3.5mm jack, with speaker to phones switch
  • filter: 3KHz BW (455KHz filter), LTM455HW
  • tune control: varicap BB112 with 10k multiturn pot.
  • battery operation: 9V (PP3/6F22)
  • weight: 228g (battery included)

VLF Domain Resources:

  • list of VLF stations based on freq: (what you can listen with this receiver): LINK 1
  • important VLF resources: LINK 2

Deliveries: Kits and assembled units will be delivered starting with  Feb. 29th 2024

59,20 EUR82,70 EUR (excl. VAT)

KIT Assembly Instructions – rev. 1.1, July 2023
Schematic Diagram – rev. 1.01  

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm


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