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No.Calculator nameDocument typeSource
1Resonant Frequency Calculator Linkwww.1728.org
2Cascaded Noise Figure / IP3 Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
3Free Space Pathloss / RSSI Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
4Mismatch Loss Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
5IP3 Calculator - Spurious Free Dynamic Range Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
6Reflection Coefficient to Impedance Converter Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
7Noise Figure vs. Temperature Converter Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
8Power Conversion Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
9AWG to Metric Conversion Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
10VSWR - Return Loss Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
11Phase Noise (dBC/Hz) to Phase Jitter Converter Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
12Jitter (ps, rms) to Phase Noise (dBc/Hz) Converter Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
13Coaxial Cable Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
14Heatsink Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
15Folded Dipole Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
16Simple Helix Antenna Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
17HB9CV Antenna Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
18J-Pole Antenna Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
19Lambda/4 - GP Antenna Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
20Logarithmic Periodic Dipole Antenna Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
21Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch
22Bias Calculator for MCL/Monolithics Amplifiers Linkhttp://www.changpuak.ch

Disclaimer> Documentation regarding different resources is centralized in this table. It contains a list of engineering documents for usage within R&D work. These files are part property of roWaves Technologies or property of other companies that created them. You can use them as presented. Except files produced and maintained by us, none of the above are stored on our website servers.  Responsibility regarding update and maintenance of these files belongs to companies/owners that produced and maintain these files.

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