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Fair-Rite 0443167251 | model FC43-167251

Colour code: black
Manufacturer code: 0443167251
Ordering code: FT-42
Manufacturer part no.: FC43-167251
Material no.: 43
Permeability (μi): 800
Clamp-on suitable for : wires up to 10mm diam.
Clamp-on suitable for coax.: RG8X/CNT240/LMR240/H155 & 240 6mm diam. series
Typ. impedance: 87Ω@10MHz / 134@25MHz / 210Ω@100MHz / 246Ω@250MHz
Frequency range: 25 – 300MHz (EMI/RFI supression)
Length: 32.3mm
Ext. width: 22.1mm
Ext. height: 11mm
Int. diam.: 10.15mm
Price :

 4,15 (excl. VAT)

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* Toroids are tested for AL values at 10KHz.

43 Material – specifications:

Initial permeabilityµi800
Flux density @ field strengthB
Residual flux densityBr1300Gauss
Coercive forceHc0.45Oersted
Loss factor @ specific freq.Tan δ/ µi250
Temperature coefficient of initial permeability (20 -70°C)1.25%/°C
Curie temperatureTc>130°C


Very effective at suppressing common mode noise in the 1 to 30MHz region if the cable to be suppressed can be wound through the core a number of times. Ideal for use on RG8X, CNT240, and 240 series cables.

Usable frequency ranges, depending on the application:

RFI / EMI / CMC suppression: 25-300 MHz

Technical data-sheet:

Additional information

Weight 43 g
Dimensions 3,3 × 2,4 × 2,4 cm


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