MC3362P narrowband FM receiver

Brand: Motorola
Manufacturer code: MC3362P
Ordering code: IC-4
Functions: direct conversion FM receiver , narrowband (oscillator / mixer / quadrature discriminator)
Sensitivity: aprox. 0.6μVrms
Supply voltage range: 2Vdc ÷ 6Vdc
Current consumption: 3.6mA @ 3Vdc
Freq. domain: HF ÷ 450MHz (max. mixer frequency, 100mVrms LO level) 
Recommended ssupply voltage: 5Vdc
Mixer 1 conversion gain: 18dB
Mixer 2 conversion gain: 21dB
Package / capsule: DIL-28, THT

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Technical datasheet file:

Weight 1,65 g
Dimensions 3,2 × 1 × 1 cm
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