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HF Coil Set | 05953900 | Neosid | 2-25MHz

Brand: Neosid
Manufacturer code: 05 9539 00
Ordering code: CI-1
Nominal inductance: depends on application / no. of turns
PCB pattern size: 7mm, square
AL: 9.5nH/sp2
No. of terminals: 7 ( 5 & 7 are metal case pins)
Ferrite core color: black
Q factor: 100…140
Core material grade: F10b
Screening can material: Cu
Cup core: Ka7 ferrite
Screw core ferrite: FK 3 x 0,5 B x 6
Coil former support: Ks 310, PBT-GV plastic
This is a manual self-winding set, requires manual winding of the wire, in order to obtain the specific coil inductance. A transformer or a simple variable coil can be constructed on it.
Price :

 1,86 (excl. VAT)

22 in stock

Technical datasheet file:

Additional information

Weight 1,42 g
Dimensions 1,5 × 0,8 × 0,8 cm


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