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Assembly service for mcHF MØNKA QRP transceiver

We are pleased to have partnered with (Lucy & Chris) and offer this assembly service of the mcHF kit (for the European Union Countries Only!). The current revision of the supplied units is 0.6.3 and the kit shall be be purchased prior to the assembly service, directly from MØNKA’s website; visit Shop Page HERE. We do not offer the KIT, only the assembly service and we ship the complete unit to the end customer. Customer buys the kit AND the asssembly service. We will ship the complete product to the customer.
The famous mcHF QRP SDR transceiver runs firmware 2.7.0 and bootloader 3.4.5. It can be upgraded. RF power: 5W from 160m (1.8MHz) to 10m (28MHz). Max. power can be set by the end user. Stability assured by XTAL. Working modes: CW (CW-L / CW-U), SSB (USB / LSB), AM (BLD / DSB), SAM, FM. CW / SSB filter: 300Hz / 500Hz / 1.8kHz / 2.3kHz / 3.6kHz / 5kHz / 6kHz / 7.5kHz / 10kHz. Digital modes: SSTV / PSK-31 / FT8 / WSPR. USB / CAT control.

The assembled transceiver. You will receive:
✔ fully functional mcHF SDR TRx ( rev. 0.6.3 )
✔ high quality ROW-M1 hand microphone with KS3PB Amphenol stereo 3.5mm plug
5W from 160-10m but the radio can deliver more (user responsibility if decides to use it for higher power, e.g. 8W+) – user needs to manually set the full power capability
✔ MCP9801 ± 0.5°C, -55 °C, 125 °C, SOIC-8 – digital temperature sensor installed on the PCB 
✔ transceiver is enclosed in black aluminium case with side-handles
✔ low-profile speaker, for quality audio, is included
✔ all necessary DIY modifications on the shielding plate (and other adjustments) to ensure good fitting is achieved
✔ metal knobs for encoders and aluminium big knob (tune/navigation encoder) supplied with case accessories, are included (please note, style may vary from current pictures)
✔ 2.8 inch LCD  with active touch-screen, tested 4 hours running
✔ SW settings already implemented, upgrades possible via USB / Flash-disk
You will NOT receive:
headphones in pictures shown above
X dummy load with coaxial cable in pictures shown above
Detailed technical specifications, below.
Please note: mcHF is a home DIY transceiver that is supplied in a kit form. The cases we provide are not manufactured for this kit and are not aimed to provide a factory-sealed product. We mount the PCBs and perform all adjustments with our best efforts but on occasions, there will be not enough tolerance in the length of the shells supplied. On these occasions, it’s not possible to accomplish perfectly centred alignment of jacks, connectors or side panel seal. 

What you might need extra? The additional Items we offer, not supplied with the kit:
✔ robust ROW-PDS-0X USB-C PowerDelivery 45W power supply for the mcHF and other QRP transceivers – click HERE
✔ 100W (150W PEP) linear amplifier JUMA PA100-D, compatible with mcHF, so you can increase your QRP power – click HERE

Assembly time : it takes aprox. 5-10 working days to build and test each unit. We take 3D secured payment, PayPal or credit card.👍. Shipping: DHL courier. See shipping costs HERE.
Price :

 99,96 (excl. VAT)

Out of stock

ParameterSymbolValueUnitConditions / comments
Operating bandsFoRx: 160/80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10
Tx: 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10
m160m band requires external LPF, because the internal filter has cut-off @4MHz
RF powerPo5W160m-10m
Max. RF powerPo(mod.)set by user / mods might be required
SWR-meter accuracySWR1:1 from 160 - 30m
1.2:1 from 20 - 17m
1.7:1 from 17 - 10m
n/a1:1 from 160 - 30m
1.2:1 from 20 - 17m
1.7:1 from 17 - 10m
Total operating freq. rangeFo*0.9 - 32MHzwith limited functionality
Frequency stabilityFstab.± 3ppm± 3ppm with TCXO (-30 ÷ 85⁰C)
± 30Hz with XTAL (10 ÷ 35⁰C)
ModesOPMCW (CW-L/CW-U), SSB (USB/LSB), AM (BLD/DSB), SAM, FM-- AM (continuous carrier, DSB)
- SAM ( double band reception)
- AM/FM transmit mode available only in "frequency translate" mode activated
CW speedWPM5 - 48WPMinternal CW generator and monitor
Audio LPF / BPF filtersFaafnarrow: 300/500/1.8/2.3/3.6 wide: 5/6/7.5/10kHz (filtre SW/SDR)active in all modes, except FM (where filtering is done before demodulation)
DSP digital filtersFaafNR
- NR - noise reduction
- ANF - automatic notch filter
S-meter calibrationSS-9S-units (-)73dBm (50.2uV@50 ohmi)
Digital modesDIGSSTV/PSK-31/FT8/WSPR
-thorugh Line-In, Line-Out, PTT - 3.5mm jack
- CAT, Audio IN/OUT, IQ In/Out functions thorugh USB
External signal levels-LINE-OUT: 1
LINE-IN: 0.1-1
- max., with AGC activated
- can be adjusted through “Line Input Gain”
Voltage supply rangeVdc max.6.5 - 18Vdc- 6.5V (only Rx)
- 11V (full power can be delivered)
- 16V ( for 18V, some capacitors need to be changed onto the boards)
Nominal voltage supply rangeVdc nom.11-14Vdc
ON current consumptionIdc nom.340
- @12Vcc, Rx(max. vol., LCD min. luminosity.)
- @12Vcc, Rx(max. vol., LCD max. luminosity)
- Tx, full PWR @ 10m (CW)
- Tx, 5W @ 10m (CW)
- Tx, 5W @ 160m (CW)
- Tx, full PWR @ 160m (CW)
- Tx, full PWR @ 30m (15W / CW)
OFF current consumptionIstby.3.46mA@12Vcc
Max. RF powerRF pwr13.52Win 30m band (12Vcc / 2.65A)
DC supply connectorDC jack2.5mm- male, PCB
DimmensionsL x l X H19 x 4.5 x 7cm- enclosed
WeightG613g- enclosed

Unfortunately at that time of development, demo videos have been shot in romanian language only. Still , the QSOs were in EN of course 🙂

rev. 0.4 PCB, assembled from scratch:

Rx tests for rev.0.4

GP1/4 lambda, 20m and mcHF, during a SOTA activation in RO, 1:

GP1/4 lambda, 20m and mcHF, during a SOTA activation in RO, 2:

mcHF & the 45W Power Supply with USB-C Power Delivery, demo video:

Demo outside in woods, with mcHF:



QWhere do I purchase the kit from?
A: Your purchase the mcHF kit from prior to purchase the assembly service.

QHow long does it take for the kit to arrive to you from the UK?
A: We have a supply of kits already here on our premises. If the product was purchased on the website we have it in our workshop ready to start the assembly. If the product is showing ‘Out of Stock’ this means kits are still in transportation and they will be made available to purchase when we receive them and inspect all in well and undamaged.

QDo I pay customs charges?
A: No. All has been taken care of.

QDo I get a case with the assembly service or I have to buy it and send it to you?
A: The price of the case is included in the payment you make to For the convenience of the assembly service, the cases are kept in our workshop. You will receive a fully functional mcHF in enclosure ( please see pictures)

QIf you have the kits and the cases, why does it take 5-7 working days to ship the assembled product?
A: We begin the assembly process after both payments have cleared. First payment to that covers the cost of the kit and the case. Second payment to roWaves Technologies for the assembly and shipping. We would like to allow sufficient time for assembly and troubleshooting ( if needed ) as well as proper testing and calibration. 5-7 days is only an estimation, please be aware it can take longer in some cases.

QIs the Microphone included?
A: Yes, the assembled unit is supplied with the microphone included in the assembly service that you pay.

QI want to add a different microphone but there is only one type on offer.
A: We have tried different styles of microphones and have found that this model (included in your delivered assembled unit) offers best value and performance, in our opinion.

QHow would you ship my assembled mcHF?
A: We work with DHL courier service and we are pleased to offer you the best competitive prices for their courier service. Please check up-to-date shipping prices here.

QI don’t live in the European Union, can you still assemble a kit for me?
A: We only assemble and ship units within the EU. Please contact m0nka ( with your specific inquiry stating what country are you in.

QI bought the kit from a while ago but didn’t realize how much work is involved. Can you help me?
A: We can try to help you. We would like to know more about your particular situation. Please email us with more details at support ( at) rowaves (dot ) com.

Additional information

Weight 613 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


  1. Mauro (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the performance of the transceiver.
    There is no other QRP like it, great quality at a reasonable price.
    Stop looking and buy an MCHF here.
    Mauro (From Sevilla (Spain))

  2. Cheresdi Ioan Dorin

    I built a small sdr, I liked how it works, but I wanted an “industrial” one and so I bought MCHF SDR assembled by rowaves. I’m more than satisfied. Lightweight, small, powerful, perfect for portable with a Lipolymer battery. Thanks RoWaves. YO7LRC, Doru

  3. Armin (verified owner)

    The mcHF SDR arrived in perfectly working order, it’s indeed a very good radio. Andrei and his team did a great job assembling it and very rapidly answered some questions via e-mail, going above and beyond what is expected.

    Greetings from Austria,
    73 de Armin OE2AFX

  4. Christian Rothländer (verified owner)

    Ordered the fully assembled receiver beginning of 2021 when I was still in training for my license. Works as intended, would buy it again.

    Greetings from Germany
    Christian aka. DD0CR

  5. Jaroslav OK1UEP (verified owner)

    Very quickly delivered, the radio is nice, works very well, happy I bought it. Thanks to all roWaves team.

  6. Mirek, OK2FUG (verified owner)

    I knew mcHF from Youtube and reviews only. Now that I have it in my hand, it exceeded my expectations. I’m very satisfied. Selectivity, sensitivity, waterfall, transmitter power, everything is a dream come true for a QRP amateur. Fast delivery and a flawlessly functioning radio after assembly by this service is absolutely perfect. I would appreciate option of choosing an antenna connector between BNC and SMA. The mcHF has a slightly higher power consumption during receiving, maybe it would be solved by changing the CPU, eg STM32L4 series.

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