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(tr)uSDX 5-band | multimode TRx | 5W | QRP

June 2022 – sales for (tr)uSDX options (kit & assembled, with limited performance) are restarted. Our report with current solutions to improve PA stage efficiency / other issues and also the official company communication on this matter, available HERE. All new kits & assembled units further delivered have the correct C0G/NP0-100V capacitors installed, this issue has been corrected already.
We will provide a free SMT populated RF board with any new order (any products ordered on our website) placed on our website, for those already existing (tr)uSDX customers (lots B1-B6), that are requesting the board and want to fix the issues at home using the guide above.

From original creators of (tr)uSDX, Guido-PE1NNZ & Manuel-DL2MAN, we are offering 2 options for this beautiful 5-band, pocket-size, multimode QRP SDR TRx, under license CC BY-ND 4.0 (for HW&SW) and CC-BY-SA (for enclosure). Technical support is available ONLY from DL2MAN’s webpage and forum, use those resources with confidence. Accessories available below. Very important: tap (cut threads) “lower wall” and “upper wall” before inserting the  M3 screws in, otherwise the case walls might crack because of the pressure of the M3 screws.

➡️ Buying options?

☑️ complete kit: SMD pre-assembled PCBs (all SMD parts soldered) plus all parts needed to finish & assemble the transceiver, 3D printed case included (“orange-lion” color case included)
☑️ assembled: fully functional transceiver, ready for plug-and-play, color case at your choice, army-green or orange-lion (please specify color in order details & your call-sign to be displayed on the radio screen)

➡️ Do you need accesories?

☑️ 50Ω quality SMA-male to BNC-female adapter (CARF-7) click HERE
☑️ complete “orange-lion” 3D printed case (premium PET-G material, 4pcs. x black anodized M3x14mm screws included) click HERE
☑️ complete “green-army” 3D printed case (premium PET-G material, 4pcs. x black anodized M3x14mm screws included) click HERE
☑️ 3D printed, external battery case, 3pcs. x 14500 battery size (premium PET-G material, all accessories included) click HERE
☑️ DC power supply cable, 40cm long, ROW-CA10 (Lumberg OD 3.4/ ID 1.4mm DC jack installed, 0.7mm red/black wire) click HERE

➡️ Questions?

✔️ how to order: from stock
✔️ payment methods: credit card / PayPal
✔️ shipping method: DHL Express, worldwide, fast delivery & tracking no. included

➡️ Start of delivery ?

☑️ B7 (batch of ~100pcs. kits) sale is on-going, bootloader installed, correct C0G/NP0-100Vcapacitors installed by manufacturer, manufacturing soldering issues / poor soldering corrected, visual inspection performed, semiconductors inspection performed. Estimated delivery: 13th of June, 2022

How can you support the developers & give credit for their exceptional work on (tr)uSDX?
Manuel, DL2MAN:
Guido, PE1NNZ:
Price :

 94,20 129,40 (excl. VAT)


(tr)uSDX expected parameters (finished product), technical specs taken from DL2MAN required approved specs:

roWaves kits / assembled modules can not yet meet the following parameters (in terms of PA stage efficiency) but the parameters obtained are very close to the ones requested by DL2MAN requirements, see HERE our report.

ParameterSymbolValueUnitConditions / comments
Operating bandsFo80/60/40/30/20
RF Power LevelPo4
W min.
W max.
@5Vdc (e.g. USB powered)
PA stage efficiencyPeff.min. 80%on all bands
Harmonic suppressionHs>-43dBand even better
Side-band suppressionSsmin. 30dBmin. level
Rx Noise LevelNl-106dBno antenna, or even better
PA classPAcEhigh-efficiency ( min. 80%) class-E
Voltage supply rangeVdc 5-15Vdcincl. USB emergency power supply
Tx currentTX Id~500mA@13.8Vdc (80% eff.)
Rx currentRX Id80mAtyp.
Tunning-rotary encoder--
PTTkey--on-board PTT key (emergency key)
SpeakerSPK32R23mm integrated speaker
MicrophoneMICelectret-condenseron-board, no need for external mic.
DimmensionsL x l X H90X60X30mmenclosed
Enclosure color-orange - lion
army - green
PETG3D printed

Pre- assembed PCBs walkthrough, part 1:

Complete Assembly Instructions, part 2:

latest release! -> solutions and technical issues assessment  file (roWaves) click here

– assembly instructions: click here

– simple bootloader installation procedure (roWaves): click here

– how to install bootloader (installed in the KITs delivered by roWaves, starting B4 lot): click here

– schematic RF board: click here

– schematic UI board: click here

– how to install firmware after complete assembly & verification: click here

– user manual: click here


Q: What is the status of the efficiency issue on roWaves (tr)uSDX kits?

A: Solutions to improve the PA stage efficiency and other issues are realeased to the customers. Click here to read it.

Q: What parts does contain the (tr)uSDX KIT that roWaves delivers?

A: the kit contains all parts needed to assemble and use the radio (case included). Boot-loader installed on any kit or assembled unit. Please see below a list of the parts you will find in the kit delivered to you.

*Please note that exact part no. might change based on parts availability at the manufacturer. All changes will be seen/update in the table below.
1T37-2 Micrometals™ Iron Powder Ring10red/black, OD9.53mm xID5.21mmxH3.25 mm

no wire installed on themlink
2FT37-43 FairRite™ Ferrite Ring3black, red/black, OD9.5mm xID4.75mmxH3.3mmno wire installed on themlink
3BS170 N-ch FET3TO-92usually 3-in-a-row, leadformedlink
4electret condenser microphone14.5 x 2.7mmpay attention to polarity!link
5AZOLED12864-25 128X64 display10.96inch, 22.3x10.1x4.6 mm1x5, 2.54mm pin header soldered on OLEDlink
6MCABS-231-RC 32R 23mm speaker123mm diam.3D ring support for it, in the package, blacklink
7IM43TS relay55Vdc operationlink
8SMA female edge PCB1edge
9Audio Mic/Key/PA Jacks33.5mm female jacks
10rotary encoder EN11-HSM1AF15120ppr/20det.washer +nut includedlink
11momentary tact. switch3
121x14, 2.54mm male pin header12.54mm pitchfor UI board
131x14, 2.54mm female pin header12.54mm pitch, 3.5mm heightfor RF board
142x3, 2.54mm ISP connector12 rows, 3pins / rowISP program. connector
151x2 pin, 2.54mm LCD12.54mm pitchfor OLED fixing
16enameled copper wire Ø0.4mm13.2m longfor 10 x T37-2 and 3 x FT37-43
17M3X14mm screws8black anodizedfor top/bottom lids
183D printed case, army-green or orange-lion16 elementsencoder button + speaker holder includedlink
192 x 0.3mm, 5-7cm long wires2twistedfor speaker connections
20UI populated PCB1SMT populatedall SMT parts soldered by factory
21RF board PCB1SMT populatedall SMT parts soldered by factory

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm

kit, assembled, kit, no case


  1. YO9IYE (verified owner)

    The packaging was great, the bits and pieces were in separate bags making it very clear what goes where. Wiring the toroids is a bit tedious but in the end it’s pretty rewarding to see that your patience pays off when the radio fires up.
    One thing to remember is that the kit version <> come with any bootloader or firmware. I had to tear it apart and remove the OLED display thinking that I must’ve messed up the mod only to find out that for some reason my USBasp was failing to detect the ATmega328 because I had to set its jumper to “SLOW”. After loading the bootloader I was able to read the serial number, allowing me to download the 2.0f firmware from DL2MAN. After uploading the firmware everything was working as expected.
    I look forward for the battery case to become available as the 3.5×1.3 is not really common. DL2MAN should’ve considered using the more common 5.5×2.1 barrel even though that connector may have added 1-2mm thickness. But maybe that extra space could’ve also made room for a BNC connector.
    All in all, the little bugger is pretty amazing. Next steps – CAT control & audio wiring to one of my RPi boards that will serve as a permanent low-power always on FT8 station.

  2. Ed Schenk, NL (verified owner)

    Well packed.
    nice package neatly arranged.
    Go put it together soon.
    thanks, Ed

  3. dzarth, DE (verified owner)

    Great service and communication. Would by again. Thanks a lot!

  4. marko, FI (verified owner)

    Excellent communications, fast delivery.

  5. pasqul (verified owner)

    All perfect!

  6. Stepan Mocjak, Czech Republic (verified owner)

    Great. But timing of delivery was off and little bit more of wire will be great. Plus there was no wire for OLED.

  7. Bruce Jones, N9DBJ, US (verified owner)

    Delivered sooner than promised, all parts intact.

  8. Roy Helge Rasmussen, Norway (verified owner)

    Great service, outstanding product.

  9. Michael R., WE0H (verified owner)

    Awesome company to deal with and high-quality products. Super-fast DHL delivery and the kits were packaged well. Very happy and will purchase other Amateur Radio items in the future.

  10. Andreas Spiess, DE (verified owner)

    Everything arrived as promised.

  11. Pavol C., SL (verified owner)

    (tr)uSDX arrived in excelent conditions. Thanks for the perfect service roWaves!

  12. SALVATORE D’IGNAZIO, IT (verified owner)

    very very good, excellent

  13. Carlo Altieri, DE (verified owner)

    Super good service. Fast and reliable. Really recommend. Thanks!

  14. Bruno Schneider, DL7UN (verified owner)

    Hi everyone,

    the package arrived safely. I just checked out the kit and I love it.

    Very good work and quality, thank you very much, best regards

    Bruno DL7UN

  15. Anil Raj, SW (verified owner)

    On time, on quality. Happy customer.

  16. CTFZI Luis

    Rowaves – from amateur radio operators to amateur radio operators

    Very competent company, that listens their customers.

    All the products are verified and tested, all the packaging designed to protect the product during shipping.

    Visit their website to know more about their products and services!

  17. Paul, M0XMT, UK (verified owner)

    Just got my TruSDR kit. It looks excellent. They also threw in some Romanian sweets! Thanks Guys I will build the kit at the weekend. Looks great quality. Best Paul de M0XMT

  18. daryla (verified owner)

    On time, well packaged, good online docs,looking forward to the build

  19. tombox (verified owner)

    Since I was informed, that there was a waiting time, everything went as expected. Contact at rowaves was kind and helpful.
    73 de HB9SFG

  20. Linas Balsys (verified owner)

    I’m glad one more EU company started selling Ham Radio kits!

    I have purchased a (tr)uSDX transceiver kit from the roWaves and am quite satisfied! The waiting time was as announced, the shipping also timely, it took just few days for parcel to come to Lithuania from Romania by DHL. The kit has been nicely and reliably packed, no damage for parts and components. The kit I bought is becoming very popular in Europe, so I am especially happy that the company from the EU country has started selling this kit, which is based on the open source and has been created and designed by other European hams. I wish the roWaves good luck in competition with the Chinese makers who are also starting producing the same kit under the same license. I personally would always choose European dealer even if a bit more expensive against the Chinese in order to avoid all this trouble with customs,taxes and long shipping times. Thanks and 73! Linas LY2BHP

  21. Harri Sillanpaa

    fast delivery, well assembled.
    thanks a lot

  22. Bruno Ruesch

    Top service. Everything worked perfectly. Many thanks

  23. Dieter DL1DBY (verified owner)

    Everything as expected. Kit arrived in time. Very good! vy 73!

  24. Marc Pressman (verified owner)

    Excellent service, and item was shipped exactly when promised. I was kept informed about shipping status and told when delivery would occur.
    It arrived in good order, with no damage from shipping. Good job!

  25. Dirk Handzic (verified owner)

    Kit looks good. DHL took a long time to deliver as usual in our area.
    Looking forward to build the kit 🙂

  26. Tim Schmitz (verified owner)

    everything ok

  27. Juan Manuel Arcauz Diaz de Gar

    Good communication.

  28. Dmitry Shvetsov RA1ZA (verified owner)

    Some time ago, I ordered a (tr)uSDX transceiver from roWaves Technologies. The first thing that pleasantly surprised me in the work of this company is that they always answer your questions, unlike many other similar enterprises. They answer quickly and competently, whether it concerns technical issues or issues related to payment, shipping, etc.
    The roWaves Technologies team really makes it clear that the customer is important to them. So far, my transceiver is still on the way and I have not tried it in operation, but I am 100% sure that the attentive attitude to customers and to their work is what this company is based on.
    I am sure the transceiver is assembled and tuned properly. Later I will supplement my review with real impressions of the transceiver’s operation. Thanks guys, and good luck! 73 de RA1ZA

  29. Allan EA3HSO (verified owner)

    All good! Box came in time, kit looks beautiful.
    Trying to find time to sit and finish it.

  30. Gorka Gomendiourrutia (verified owner)

    No problem on all orders placed. I have learned a lot in your resources tab.
    Very good RF company.

  31. VV in Idaho (verified owner)

    Very nice packaging. Everything needed for the kit was included. Nothing was going to get broken with the way it was packaged. They made a deliberate effort to get everything right before shipping. The shipping was fast. The package arrived when they said it would.

  32. dl5if (verified owner)

    all Ok, works well.
    3th harmonic > 45dB , only the pwr/swr meter shows to much…
    73 de dl5if-Ralf

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