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(tr)uSDX 5-band Multimode QRP TRx – KIT

From original creators of (tr)uSDX: Guido-PE1NNZ & Manuel-DL2MAN, we are pleased to announce we will offer the kit and assembled version of this beautiful 5-band, pocket-size, multimode QRP SDR TRx, under Creative Commons Attribution License CC BY-ND 4.0 (for HW&SW) and CC-BY-SA (for enclosure). Technical support for the kit will be available from DL2MAN’s webpage and forum. Use forum and instructions available there, with confidence. Accessories for it will be available, very soon. Please keep in mind that you pre-order this product. You will pay for it first, by pre-ordering, then we pack the kit and then we send it to you and to other customers (waiting time detailed below, depends on the batch/lot & option). We will ship in batches (50-100 KITs/batch).

➡️ What you will receive? (depending on options available):

(tr)uSDX – kit: SMD pre-assembled PCBs plus all parts needed to finish and assemble the transceiver, 3D case is included
(tr)uSDX – assembled & completed: fully functional transceiver, ready for plug-and-play (this option will be available later this year, estimated in March-Apr. 2022).
(tr)uSDX – kit, no case: SMD pre-assembled PCBs plus all parts needed to finish and assemble the transceiver, but you need to 3D print the case (this option will be available later this year, estimated in March-Apr. 2022).

➡️ Questions?

✔️ how to order: pre-orders, for now, accepted below;
✔️ shipment: we will collect 50-100 orders, before shipping to the customers;
✔️ payment methods: credit card / PayPal;
✔️ shipping method: DHL Express, worldwide;


Start of delivery:
a) B1 (1st batch of 50 kits pre-ordered) is sold-out (estimated delivery: Feb. 14th, 2022);
b) B2 (2nd batch of 50 kits pre-ordered) is sold-out (estimated delivery: March 1st, 2022);
c) B3 (3rd batch of 50 kits) start of pre-ordering: estimated: Feb. 5th, 2022;

How can you support the developers & give credit for their exceptional work on (tr)uSDX?
Manuel, DL2MAN:
Guido, PE1NNZ:
Price :


Out of stock

ParameterSymbolValueUnitConditions / comments
Operating bandsFo80/60/40/30/20
RF Power LevelPo5
@5Vdc (e.g. USB powered)
PA classPAcEhigh-efficiency (~85%) class-E
Voltage supply rangeVdc 5-15Vdcincl. USB emergency power supply
Tx currentTX Id500mA@13.8Vdc (85% eff.)
Rx currentRX Id80mAtyp.
Tunning-rotary encoder--
PTTkey--on-board PTT key (emergency key)
SpeakerSPK32R23mm integrated speaker
MicrophoneMICelectret-condenseron-board, no need for external mic.
DimmensionsL x l X H90X60X30mm- enclosed
WeightG140g- enclosed
Enclosure color-orange / silver-greyPETG/PLA- 3D printed

Pre- assembed PCBs walkthrough, part 1:

Complete Assembly Instructions, part 2:

Assembly instructions: click here


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 30 cm

(tr)uSDX-kit, (tr)uSDX-completed


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