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uSDX monoband | multimode TRx | 3W | QRP

This is the rev. 1.01 PCB rev. designed by Barb, WB2CBA. uC is pre-flashed (FW revision is R1.02i), male pin-headers for LPF installation are soldered on-board (assembled) or in the package (kit). 74ACT00 IC on the PCB installed and FST3253 is soldered already on all PCBs (KITs included). There are also some spacers installed to lift the PCB above table when operating the radio. Menu walkthrough push-buttons have yellow and green button / caps installed for easy operation. PCB is cleaned, assembled units are tested for 3W @ 80m band, Rx test is also passed. Empty Low Pass Filter PCB is included (you need to install your preferred filter for your desired band – so you need to buy toroids and capacitors and to build the filter by yourself, but you have the small filter PCB included). Instructions how to build the LPFs: click HERE and HERE. Click for original Micrometals™ T37-2 or T37-6 iron powder rings.

➡️ Buying options?

☑️ complete kit: SMT pre-assembled FST3253C IC and all modifications implemented based on: Small LPF PCB board included. Also uC ATMEGA328P is pre-flashed, no need to install FW or to flash it!
☑️ assembled: fully functional transceiver, ready for plug-and-play, no case installed, all mods implemented based on (LPF empty PCB included, you need to source your toroids and capacitors):

Credit for their great work on uSDX is given to Barb, WB2CBA and Guido, PE1NNZ. We have the approval from Barb, WB2CBA to  sell this variant of PCB in these kits or assembled units.
Price :

 28,50 35,40 (excl. VAT)


– assembly instructions: click here

– schematic: click here


Q: Do i need to make any changes on the PCB board received in kit?

A: No, all changes on the rev. 1.01 PCB that you will receive in kits are already done, there is no need for additional mods. You just need to install all parts and start the radio and make final adjustements in FW, based on the description at the links from “Downloads” section.


Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm

kit, assembled, kit, no case


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