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RBA-03 | Aviation Rx | AM, 110÷133MHz

AM superhet. receiver (options: KIT |  assembled& aligned PCB). Freq. coverage from 110-133MHz (BB405 varicap tunning). LO is implemented with internal oscillator circuitry and external coil (L2) and tunning circuitry (D3). Very stable VFO, quality audio. Potentiometers (squelch, volume, tune) are included, in all buy options. It works with 9V battery. You will receive printed schematic diagram in the package which is also available at “Downloads” below. Design © copyright (schematic & layout): Rodrigo R. Ribeiro. Antenna example and pilot/controller glossary terms and other resources available for free at “Videos” & “Downloads” section below! If you are interested in a “ready to use with case” version, please contact us using WhatsApp chat or direct email!

➡️ Options:
a) KIT – all parts needed to build the radio, except: speaker, battery, telescopic antenna, case, on/off switch, knobs for potentiometers. L1 & L2 coils are included in the KIT. You will need an enclosure for it.
b) assembled, tuned & tested: the board is ALREADY tuned and coils adjusted, ready to be wired to the on/off switch, battery, speaker etc. The assembled board is fully functional. You will need an enclosure for it.

➡️ General specifications:
– sensitivity: 3µV
– comercial airband coverage: 110-133MHz, AM (amplitude modulation)
– TUNE control: 1 x 10k singleturn potentiometer
– SQL potentiometer: 1 x 50k log.
– VOL. potentiometer: 1 x 10k log.
– required speaker: 4Ω/1W or 8Ω/1W, max. 5cm diam.
– LED for “squelch” activation status
Price :

93,00 lei142,00 lei (excl. VAT)

(*Ships in 1-2 business days. VAT amount and the exact shipping cost will be calculated during checkout.)

Demo video1,  with our calibration & testing platform:

Demo video 2, with complete case:


– schematic diagram (click PDF icon) ➡️

– components placement (click PDF icon) ➡️

– list of components (click PDF icon) ➡️

– example of low-cost dipole (indoor/outdoor) antenna for this receiver ➡️  

– pilots/controller glossary terms: ➡️

– assembly instructions ( for KIT, not available yet)  ➡️

Q1: What do i need extra to use this receiver?

A1: You will need (in both KIT & assembled options):

1pc. x min. 30cm telescopic antenna (with BNC or SMA connector) or any other max. 1m long telescopic antenna

1pc. x metal case (min. 10 x 5 x 5cm), form at your choice

1pc. x ON/OFF switch

1pc. x 9V battery

1pc. x 4 or 8ohms/1W speaker & max. 5cm. diameter or headphones / jack

3pc. x 6mm knurled axis knobs for potentiometers


– assembled & tuned: you will receive a completely aligned, tested and tuned module, with all the parts installed

– KIT: all parts (except the ones from FAQ) needed to finish de radio, ALL coils are included

Informații suplimentare

Greutate 50 g
Dimensiuni 10 × 7 × 3 cm


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