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Linear amplifier ROW-8040DB-25W, 80m/40m

ROW-8040DB-25W is a already-assembled 25W power amplifier, capable of operating in 80 & 40m HF bands. The RF power delivered to the load can reach max. 25-30W. Equipped with RF VOX (driven by the presence of the input RF signal). Available in dual-band version, it contains the LPF filters for the 2 switchable bands with a horizontal switch placed at the edge of the PCB. Optical signaling for band selection with a small dual-color LED. Capable of supporting input powers (Pin) of 2W and even more (5-10W, for which the 50Ω PI attenuator at the input must be re-calculated). The variant that is currently being sold is without heatsink. The PCB-to-heatsink spacers are INCLUDED (but not those in the image on the left side).
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ParameterSymbolValueUnitsConditions / comments
Operating bandsBW3.5 ÷ 3.8 / 7.0 ÷ 7.2MHz80 / 40m
Output levelPo+43
@ +24dBm input (3.5MHz)
@ +24dBm input (7.1MHz)
typ. @ 3.5MHz
typ. @ 7.1MHz
Supply voltageVdc12 ÷ 15V
Current consumptionIdc3.8-4.5A@13.8Vdc
Input / output impedanceZin/Zout50Ω
Outpu filter (s)FoutLPFΩth order, T50-2 / T50-6 toroids
Mechanical dimmensionsL x w x h160 x 60 x 30mmwithout enclosure
Weightg141gwithout enclosure

– extension medium RF power amplifier for mobile or portable stations / QRP, HF bands
– RF amplifier for stationary work
– SOTA, field-day, operation in QRP modes

Video demonstration ( for now, in romanian):

Q: What equipment can ROW-8040DB-25W amplifier be used with?
A: It can be used with any single-band or multiband transmitter or transceiver, QRP, which can deliver at output at least 1-2W in 80 / 40 / 20 / 10m, CW / SSB. The optimum operating condition is that the transmitter or transceiver does not oversaturate or overdrive the input stage of the ROW-8040DB-25W. The power amplifier can be used successfully with the 2W ROW-W3690 DSB transceiver.
Q: Does the ROW-8040DB-25W produce a proper filtered signal, without harmonics and FCC compliant?
A: Yes, the amplifier uses 5-pole low-pass filters (LPF) for both bands in which it is intended to operate, to eliminate odd harmonics.
Q: Why ROW-8040DB-25W is dual-band and not monoband?
A: The amplifier is intended for both beginners and more experienced users and applications. The lower amateur radio bands, with both portions of CW and SSB, are of particular interest and with modest QRP powers decent QSOs can be achieved up to several thousand kilometers. Without the need for another amplifier, QSOs can easily be made in both amateur radio bands. Thus, a QRP operating set-up can be built in the 2 bands, composed of a dual-band transceiver, a dual-band QRP RF amplifier and a dual-band antenna.
Q: It can be used for other bands (eg. 30 / 20m)?
A: Yes, in the upper bands the power will be lower. But it is necessary that the low-pass filters on the board to be removed from the PCB and replaced with LPF filters suitable for the bands on which the new operation is desired.

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Greutate 200 g
Dimensiuni 15 × 5 × 2 cm


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