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Wurth Eelektronik-74270191 toroid (4W620)

Colour code: black/grey
Manufacturer code: 74270191
Ordering code: FT-15
Marking code: 1 x black paint side-stripe
Manufacturer part no.: WE-74270191
Material no.: 4W620
Permeability (μi): 620
Frequency range: 1 – 20MHz (wideband BalUn, depends on the application)
RF max. power: 1500-2000W
Curie temp.: 150°C
Ext. diameter: 61mm
Int. diameter: 35.5mm
Height: 20mm
Price :

70,50 lei

9 în stoc

Usable frequency ranges, depending on the application:

broadband transformers: 1 – 30 MHz

RFI / EMI / CMC suppression: 1 – 20 MHz

An impedance> 1000Ω (for operating frequency) is sufficient for most applications. The coils should be made with very good quality RG-58 coaxial cable. Any high quality RG-58 coaxial cable can allow 1kW power in 160 / 80m. For higher bands> 10MHz, it is recommended to use the additional teflon insulated coaxial cable to keep the losses low.

According to the table below, for Wurth Elektronik 74270191 (our case), between 6 turns (80/40 / 20m) and 10 turns (160m) would be enough to obtain an impedance of at least 800-1000Ω, from 1.8 – 14MHz .

Informații suplimentare

Greutate 175 g
Dimensiuni 6.1 × 6.1 × 2 cm


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