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(tr)uSDX 5-band | multimode TRx | 5W | QRP

➡️ Production of next lot (30pcs.) will start on Dec. 1st, 2022. Deliveries of that lot: Jan. 15th, 2023. Pre-orders for the next batch will restart on Dec. 1st. 2022. For now you can buy from stock.

Our assembled units deliver min. 4W and max. 6.3W all 5 bands and min. 70% and max. 82% efficiency. Accessories available below. We sell ONLY the 80/60/40/30/20m version and we have NO PLANS to produce other versions. Statistical data with output PWR. vs. Bands vs. Efficiency, but also the official company communication on (tr)uSDX, available HERE.

➡️ Buying options?

☑️ assembled: fully functional transceiver, ready for plug-and-play, color case at your choice, army green or orange-lion (please specify your call sign, at order details field, during checkout, if you want it programmed). You can choose the option below, orange-lion or army-green.The 70cm long power supply cable (ROW-CA10) and SMA to BNC adapter (CARF-7) +  SMA connector dust cap protection, included, for free, when buying the assembled radio.

➡️ Do you need accesories?

☑️ 50Ω quality SMA-male to BNC-female adapter (CARF-7) click HERE
☑️ DC power supply cable, 70cm long, ROW-CA10 (Lumberg OD 3.4/ ID 1.4mm DC jack installed, 0.7mm red/black wire) (included in the package, for free, when buying assembled units)

➡️ Questions?

✔️ how to order: for now, from stock. Pre-orders will re-start on Dec. 1st, 2022, for the next lot.
✔️ payment methods: credit card / PayPal
✔️ shipping method: DHL Express, worldwide, extreme fast delivery (usually 1-2 days all Europe) & tracking number
Price :

693,00 lei (excl. VAT)

roWaves KITs and assembled units can deliver min. 4W and max. 6.5W, all 5 bands and min. 65% and max. 80% efficiency. These parameters are obtained without “tweaking” or additional adjustement of the coils (no. of turns, turns distribution on toroid surface, LPF VNA tunning etc.). Statistical data from more than 43 assembled units can be analyzed below in the tables and in our main technical file, released some time ago, available at top of this page or at FAQ section. From a lot of 43 units, the recorded data:

Table 1.  Band [m] vs.Efficiency [%]

Band [m]>80% PA eff.70 to 79% PA eff.<70% PA eff.

Table 2. Band [m] vs. PA Power [W]

Band [m]>6W5 to 6W4 to 5W<4W

Table 3. Technical specifications:

ParameterSymbolValueUnitConditions / comments
Operating bandsFo80/60/40/30/20
RF Power LevelPo4
W min.
W max.
@5Vdc (e.g. USB powered)
PA stage efficiencyPeff.min. 65 to 80%%on all bands
Harmonic suppressionHs>-43dBor better
Side-band suppressionSsmin. 30dBmin. level
Rx Noise LevelNl-106dBor better
PA classPAcEhigh-efficiency class-E
Voltage supply rangeVdc 5-15Vdcincl. USB emergency power supply
Tx currentTX Id~500 - 700mAdc@12Vdc
Rx currentRX Id60 - 75mAdctyp.
Tunning-rotary encoder--
PTTkey--on-board PTT key (emergency key)
SpeakerSPK32R23mm integrated speaker
DimmensionsL x l X H90X60X30mmenclosed
Enclosure color-orange - lion
army - green
high quality PETG3D printed

Tech Minds review of Matt’s unit purchased from roWaves:

DX Explorer review with the unit from roWaves:

latest release! -> solutions and technical issues assessment  file (roWaves) click here

– assembly instructions: click here

– simple bootloader installation procedure (roWaves): click here

– how to install bootloader (installed in the KITs delivered by roWaves, starting B4 lot): click here

– schematic RF board: click here

– schematic UI board: click here

– how to install firmware after complete assembly & verification: click here

– user manual: click here


Q1: What are the requirements for approval of (tr)uSDX to commercial parties?

A1: for commericial parties, requirements are: 4W min. all bands, max. 6.5W all bands @ 12Vdc. Min. 80% efficiency (not clearly stated if displayed or measured efficiency is taken into account), for all bands. So:

a) roWaves units deliver: min. 4W and max. 6.5W all bands @ 12Vdc and  min. 65 to 80%, all bands, with part to part variation. Our statistical data to support these arguments: HERE (especially pages 7 to 13).

b) there are 2 (two) videos that are presenting the approval process. However, the technical requirements for approval, for efficiency and power are not fulfilled by the approved seller mentioned in videos. Arguments:

– 30m band in 1st video of approval ( does not reach min. 4W and min. 80% efficiency, out of the box, no tweaking, accordingly with the specs. Values are 2.85W @ 77 to 79% displayed efficiency. So it is a fact that efficiency varies, from part to part, but we have been requested that all our units should have min. 80% efficiency, no “exceptions”.

– in the 2nd video (, the 80m band is out of specs: 7.2W and displayed 77% efficiency @ 12Vdc, when DL2MAN request is clearly stated as max. 6.5W @ 13.8Vdc and min. 80% eff.). All showed values during approval are displayed not calculated values, as clearly shown in videos. DL2MAN intitial requests for commercial parties approval was based on assembled & tuned units (as mentioned on “Where to buy” page), but the current approval videos contain no assembled units being tested. The Rshunt value will highly influence the displayed efficiency. That parameter can be manipulated to “fulfill” requirements by any parts involved, anyone at any time. None of the approval videos are showing the real calculated efficiency, but only the displayed one. From engineering point of view, we, existing and future customers take into consideration the calculated values. We asked DL2MAN if he ever received / requested statistical data with calculated efficiency values for the units sold, from approved seller(s)? They should have that data isn’it? We also asked that to the approved seller. The answer was never received, from none of the parts, and we were banned personally by DL2MAN (you might know the story….)

Q2: Why there aren’t other EU manufacturers out there to produce (tr)uSDX? How come we are the only ones we  can not reach the min. 80% efficiency all bands? Since we have corrected ALL issues with our kits & assembled units, at BOM level and known technical challenges.

A2: we also asked that by ourselfes. In fact, we discussed with Javier, EA3GCY from because this is how companies SHOULD DO, on the same product they have challenges with.We exchaged information with him on this topic, because we started to ask ourselfes why we are the only ones that can not deliver min. 80% efficiency on this radio. His units also had this issue on obtaining min. 80% calculated efficiency @ 12Vdc, all bands. His results also varied from 65% to 75% – 78%. His report clearly states that. Also, additional comments regarding efficiency,  from Javier (he has 40+ years in amateur radio business):

– very hard to obtain 80% real calculated efficiency, at professional series production level. Arguments: difference in MOSFET transistors/lot variation, critical response of the filters in class-E designs. The BS170s should pe selected individually and each filter individually adapted.

So we, at roWaves, can not reached the so “claimed” min. calculated 80% efficiency, nor other very known manufacturer (EA3GCY), more experienced than us. Only the Chinese manufacturer can “achieve that” for now. This argument should raise a question regarding requirements isn’it? The designers, when they had this input, should have changed the requirements for manufacturing, from min. 80% to min. 70-75%. Becasue they had enough data and input. In this way, we all would be approved. Instead, DL2MAN banned us / disqualified us and accused us about many other things. Very professional indeed…

Q3: What is the future of (tr)uSDX at roWaves? What we will continue to do and stop doing?

A3.1: we will:

– continue to offer support for our kits and assembled units, 2 years EU warranty for assmbled units

– offer technical support by email and whats app for all existing and future customers of (tr)uSDX

– stop the investigation and technical changes / improvements, for this product. We have invested a lot in it (more than our competitors!)

– help any customers of (tr)uSDX, if asking help about this product, even if they did not bought the units from us

– publish all data that we have and make a transparent approach on every aspect of this product

– continue the sell units until the stocks are cleared out

A3.2: we will not:

– continue to apply for approval, as long as for manufacturers the approval process was faulty and missing a lot of important data

– we will not do more upgrades or changes on this product, we will not produce other variants of it

Q: What parts does contain the (tr)uSDX KIT that roWaves delivers?

A: the kit contains all parts needed to assemble and use the radio (case included). Boot-loader installed on any kit or assembled unit. Please see below a list of the parts you will find in the kit delivered to you.

*Please note that exact part no. might change based on parts availability at the manufacturer. All changes will be seen/update in the table below.
1T37-2 Micrometals™ Iron Powder Ring10red/black, OD9.53mm xID5.21mmxH3.25 mm

no wire installed on themlink
2FT37-43 FairRite™ Ferrite Ring3black, red/black, OD9.5mm xID4.75mmxH3.3mmno wire installed on themlink
3BS170 N-ch FET3TO-92usually 3-in-a-row, leadformedlink
4electret condenser microphone14.5 x 2.7mmpay attention to polarity!link
5AZOLED12864-25 128X64 display10.96inch, 22.3x10.1x4.6 mm1x5, 2.54mm pin header soldered on OLEDlink
6MCABS-231-RC 32R 23mm speaker123mm diam.3D ring support for it, in the package, blacklink
7IM43TS relay55Vdc operationlink
8SMA female edge PCB1edge
9Audio Mic/Key/PA Jacks33.5mm female jacks
10rotary encoder EN11-HSM1AF15120ppr/20det.washer +nut includedlink
11momentary tact. switch3
121x14, 2.54mm male pin header12.54mm pitchfor UI board
131x14, 2.54mm female pin header12.54mm pitch, 3.5mm heightfor RF board
142x3, 2.54mm ISP connector12 rows, 3pins / rowISP program. connector
151x2 pin, 2.54mm LCD12.54mm pitchfor OLED fixing
16enameled copper wire Ø0.4mm13.2m longfor 10 x T37-2 and 3 x FT37-43
17M3X14mm screws8black anodizedfor top/bottom lids
183D printed case, army-green or orange-lion16 elementsencoder button + speaker holder includedlink
192 x 0.3mm, 5-7cm long wires2twistedfor speaker connections
20UI populated PCB1SMT populatedall SMT parts soldered by factory
21RF board PCB1SMT populatedall SMT parts soldered by factory

KIT option:

      – complete kit with all the parts needed, packed in a sturdy cardboard box with QR cod sticker, on top of the box, for direct website product page access

      – digital board + RF board packed in ESD bags

      – mechanical parts packed separately

      – wires for speaker and toroids coils plus T2/T3 wire packed

assembled option:

      – complete radio assembled & tuned, protected with bubble wrap foil, packed in a sturdy cardboard box with QR code sticker, on top of the box, for direct website product page access

      – DC power supply cable, 70cm long, included

      – CARF-7 SMA-to-BNC adapter included

      – SMA dust cap protection included


Informații suplimentare

Greutate 150 g
Dimensiuni 10 × 5 × 3 cm

assembled, army-green, assembled, orange-lion


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