ROW-PDS-0X 45W alimentator USB-C pentru transceivere HF

Ultra-portable universal power supply for QRP transceivers. Whether its the Yaesu FT-817/18, Elecraft KX-2/KX-3, mcHF, (tr)uSDX or even the ICOM IC-705, you can supply these transceivers or you can charge your phone, tablet or even a small laptop. Being able to offer up to 45W via USB-C (it has Power Delivery Capability), it is the perfect power supply for all those who want to have with them a single source of energy, for the indispensable gadgets and for their ham-radio hobby.

How to buy / choose the right power supply for your transceiver ?
PDS-01 / PDS-02 / PDS-03 / PDS-04 are the complete kits: 1 x power supply wall adapter BW-PL4 with PD-power delivery capability, 1 x USB-C cable and 1 x dongle + power plug. Instead, DS-01/DS-02/DS-03/DS-04/DS-05/DS-06 are ONLY the power cables with dongles (RED/BLK wires + DC jacks + box with trigger PowerDelivery IC for the power supply) for mcHF, FT-817/818, Elecraft KX-2 /KX-3, (tr)uSDX or IC-705 and are not coming with the Blitzwolf BW-PL4 wall adapter and the USB-C cable. Pictures of DS-0X dongles besides are for reference only (mcHF dongle in pictures), for the exact connector size & geometry, please check below.

Dongle options:

  • DS-01 for mcHF (dongle, 90 o right angle, 5.5mm(OD)/2.1mm(ID) PC-2.1/5.5K-14 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-02 for FT817/FT-818 (dongle, straight, 4mm(OD)/1.7mm(ID) Lumberg 1636-02 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-03 for KX-2/KX-3 (dongle, 90 o right angle, 5.5mm(OD)/2.1mm(ID) PC-2.1/5.5K-14 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-04 for IC-705 (dongle, straight, 5.5mm(OD)/2.5mm(ID) Lumberg XNES/J 250 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-05 for (tr)uSDX (dongle, straight, 5.5mm(OD)/1.4mm(ID) Lumberg 163101 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-06 for JUMA RX-1 (dongle, straight, 5.5mm(OD)/2.5mm(ID) Lumberg XNES/J 250 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)

The dongle output is between 12Vdc – 12.2Vdc at full load condition (3Adc delivered to the QRP transceiver that you use). With no load connected, the dongle output can vary from 12Vdc-15.5Vdc. With Blitzwolf BW-PL4 wall adapter connected, the output is protected against overcurrent (@3.1Adc) and the output will be de-activated in case of overcurrent.

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18,24 EUR19,13 EUR (excl. TVA)

Greutate 230 g
Dimensiuni 11 × 7 × 5 cm


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