ROW-PDS-0X 45W USB-C power supply for HF transceivers

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Ultra-portable universal power supply for QRP transceivers. Whether its the Yaesu FT-817/18, Elecraft KX-2/KX-3, mcHF, (tr)uSDX or even the ICOM IC-705, you can supply these transceivers or you can charge your phone, tablet or even a small laptop. Being able to offer up to 45W via USB-C (it has Power Delivery Capability), it is the perfect power supply for all those who want to have with them a single source of energy, for the indispensable gadgets and for their ham-radio hobby.

How to buy / choose the right power supply for your transceiver ?
PDS-01 / PDS-02 / PDS-03 / PDS-04 are the complete kits: 1 x power supply wall adapter BW-PL4 with PD-power delivery capability, 1 x USB-C cable and 1 x dongle + power plug. Instead, DS-01/DS-02/DS-03/DS-04/DS-05/DS-06 are ONLY the power cables with dongles (RED/BLK wires + DC jacks + box with trigger PowerDelivery IC for the power supply) for mcHF, FT-817/818, Elecraft KX-2 /KX-3, (tr)uSDX or IC-705 and are not coming with the Blitzwolf BW-PL4 wall adapter and the USB-C cable. Pictures of DS-0X dongles besides are for reference only (mcHF dongle in pictures), for the exact connector size & geometry, please check below.

Dongle options:

  • DS-01 for mcHF (dongle, 90 o right angle, 5.5mm(OD)/2.1mm(ID) PC-2.1/5.5K-14 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-02 for FT817/FT-818 (dongle, straight, 4mm(OD)/1.7mm(ID) Lumberg 1636-02 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-03 for KX-2/KX-3 (dongle, 90 o right angle, 5.5mm(OD)/2.1mm(ID) PC-2.1/5.5K-14 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-04 for IC-705 (dongle, straight, 5.5mm(OD)/2.5mm(ID) Lumberg XNES/J 250 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-05 for (tr)uSDX (dongle, straight, 5.5mm(OD)/1.4mm(ID) Lumberg 163101 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)
  • DS-06 for JUMA RX-1 (dongle, straight, 5.5mm(OD)/2.5mm(ID) Lumberg XNES/J 250 DC-plug, short supply cables, “grey” case)

The dongle output is between 12Vdc – 12.2Vdc at full load condition (3Adc delivered to the QRP transceiver that you use). With no load connected, the dongle output can vary from 12Vdc-15.5Vdc. With Blitzwolf BW-PL4 wall adapter connected, the output is protected against overcurrent (@3.1Adc) and the output will be de-activated in case of overcurrent.

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Weight 230 g
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 5 cm

1 review for ROW-PDS-0X 45W USB-C power supply for HF transceivers

  1. Ronald Meier (verified owner)

    Solid power supply. Received the wrong dongle for IC705. But with Andrei was quick in responding and solved it. Great customer service.

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