SA612A cu adaptor DIL-8

Brand: NXP
Manufacturer code: SA612AD/01.112
Order code / SKU: ICWA-1
Functions: double-balanced monolithic mixer with integrated oscillator and voltage regulator
Supply voltage range: 4.5Vdc ÷ 8Vdc
Current consumption: 2.4 ÷ 3mA
Freq. domain: 1 ÷ 500MHz 
Recommended ssupply voltage: 4.5Vdc
Mixer conversion gain: 14dB @ 45MHz
Noise figure: 5 db @ 45MHz
Local oscillator freq. domain: max. 200MHz
Recommended supply voltage: 4.5Vcc
Package type: SMD, SO-8 on a DIL-8 adapter (PIN1 is clearly marked with a white dot on the adapter)

Prețul inițial a fost: 4,89 EUR.Prețul curent este: 3,50 EUR. (excl. TVA)

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Technical datasheet file:

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