Wurth WE-742700790 ferrite bead

ManufacturerWurth Elektronik
roWaves SKUFT-21
Manufacturer codeWE-742700790
Color codeblack
Material number7W380
Initial permeability (µi)380
Impedance@25MHz, 1turn: 155Ω
@25MHz, 2 turns: 644Ω
Usable frequency domain1...20MHz (wideband CMC choke)
Max. RF power500W CMC choke
Curie temperature185°C typ.
Outer diameter (OD)26mm
Internal diameter (ID)13mm
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Usable frequency ranges, depending on the application:

  1. broadband transformers: 1 – 30 MHz
  2. RFI / EMI / CMC suppression: 1 – 20 MHz

An impedance > 1000Ω (for the operating frequency) is sufficient for most applications. The coils should be made with very good quality RG-316 coaxial cable.  Any high quality RG-316 coaxial cable can allow 500W-1kW power in 160 /80/40m bands. For higher bands> 10MHz, it is recommended to use the additional Teflon insulated coaxial cable to keep the losses low.

According to the table below, for Wurth Elektronik 742700790 (our case), between 5 – 8 turns would be enough to obtain an impedance of at least 1000-2500Ω, from 1.8 – 14MHz .

Weight 54 g
Dimensions 2,6 × 1,3 × 2,9 cm


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