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Our history

At roWaves Technologies ™ we aim to design, produce and sell RF laboratory equipment and electronic modules for amateur-radio, electronic engineers and technical research laboratories. We focus on quality, robustness, decent product pricing. We sell medium and high frequency amplifiers, low power / QRP RF amplifiers for LF-HF-VHF, HF transceivers and receivers. Our site it is a great resource for learning. We store or we refer to external links with important information about engineering tables and calculators, explained terminology, theory, concepts and principles of operation in amateur-radio field and not only.

The beginnings of roWaves Technologies

RFD HF & Microwave is established as a product logo for small series RF devices.

RFD HF & Microwave starts a basic line of RF HF-VHF amplifiers, named TWTA-1-120 and BGA-50-1000. It is designed and built a small stand for testing and verification. ​

First commercially available product

Product portfolio is extended with small devices like dividers / presclaers, for example, PMC-12080-1000, which is a multiple rate divider with operating frequency up to 1.65GHz.

Infrastructure expansion

The construction of the lab starts back in 2015, in order to sustain the development strategy of the small created company. Additional test & measurement equipment is acquired.

A new identity

RFD HF & Microwave becomes roWaves Technologies™.

A very first version of the e-commerce optimised website is available.

Engineering services

roWaves produces the SW receiver named roW7358-7 and the navigation keyboard roW KeySwitch.

The new version of the e-commerce (www.rowtech.ro) is launched and engineering services are introduced.

rowaves.ro and rowaves.com available

roWaves Technologies started to produce more kits and assembled receivers and transceivers such as DSB QRP 2W ROW-W3690 transceiver, RX7358-3.5(7), an 80/40M SSB receiver, coaxial cable assemblies on request, produce and sell as kit & assembled the mcHF rev.0.4/0.5/0/6 SDR transceiver, HF RF amplifiers, dummy loads etc.



Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level Training

Design For Six Sigma - 'Green Belt' Certification

Zuken System Designer - Basic 2 (schematic & layout)

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