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Our history

roWaves Technologies was founded in 2014 by YO6TJJ – Avîrvarei Andrei, with the exact purpose of helping the amateur radio community with quality products, materials and electronic components, available in a single place: www.rowaves.com. roWaves Technologies ™ designs and manufactures in Sibiu, Romania, various equipment for HAMs and hobbysts, or distributes: low/medium power RF amplifiers (e.g.JUMA PA-100D), SDR transceivers (eg mcHF M0NKA), DDS receivers (eg JUMA RX-1), accessories for transceivers, coaxial cables, electronic components (iron powder & ferrite toroids, coils, RF transistors, quartz crystals & various filters, RF connectors & adapters, various integrated circuits, trimmer caps or silver-mica capacitors etc). Many free resources and good quality information is available on our website.

the beginnings of roWaves Technologies

RFD HF & Microwave is set up more as a logo for 2 very small series products: two HF-VHF amplifiers called TWTA-1-120 and BGA 50-1000. A small test stand for validations is designed and built.

the first commercial product

Introducing a prescaler / divider into our small portfolio: PMC-12080-1000, with multiple splitting rate and operating frequency up to 1.65GHz.

infrastructure & expansion

In 2015 we built the current test bench in the laboratory, on which we do all the tests and verifications. It is equipped with 2 work areas, separate, for 2 technicians. Many measuring & testing equipment were also built or purchased during 2014-2015.

a new identity

RFD HF & Microwaves becomes roWaves Technologies ™, in 2016, because we decided to make all the products for the Romanian market first, for YO radio-amateurs.

new products

roWaves launches produces the roW7358-7 receiver and the roW KeySwitch navigation keyboard, as well as other products. The new website optimized for e-commerce (www.rowtech.ro) is launched and engineering services are introduced.

electromagnetic field measurement services

roWaves Technologies starts to offer, at the beginning of 2019, engineering services consisting in performing broadband measurements of the electromagnetic field, for the 30Hz-300Hz, 50MHz-3.5GHz fields. We also produced and sold the DSB 80m, 2.5W, ROW-W3690 transceiver (v.1 & v.2).

pretty good development

In 2020 we started the manufacturing (both kit and finished product) of the mcHF transceiver designed by M∅NKA, we manufactured the artificial load QRP: DL-25W, we manufactured a quartz crystal tester, 3D printed housings, ground-plane antennas or dipoles, for 80 & 20m, we manufactured coaxial cables assemblies and we established our main offer for amateur radio operators.

roWaves Technologies is gaining notoriety on ham-radio market

In 2020 and 2021 we continued to manufacture the m∅HKA mcHF transceiver, we started collaborating with the Finnish radio team from JUMA®RADIO, obtaining legal rights to manufacture various JUMA equipment: the direct conversion receiver (JUMA RX-1) or the linear power amplifier , with digital control, 100W, PA-100D. We brought & manufactured accessories for transceivers (USB-C power supplies for mcHF / FT-817 / KX-2/3) and we brought into stock electronic components for radio amateurs: iron powder & ferrite toroids from Amido / Micrometals, RF transistors, coils, FI transf. 455KHz / 10.7MHz, ceramic filters / resonators / quartz crystals, RF connectors & adapters, integrated circuits with RF applications.



Requirements Engineering - Foundation Level Training

Design For Six Sigma - 'Green Belt' Certification

Zuken System Designer - Basic 2 (schematic & layout)

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