International Rectifier IRF530N MOSFET N-channel

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Brand: International Rectifier
Description: MOSFET power transistor
Manufacturer code: IRF530N
Ordering code: TRS-35
Package/case: TO-220AB, THT
Max. power: 70W @ Tc = 25 °C
Vds voltage: 100Vdc max.
Vgs voltage: ± 20 max.
Is max.: 17Adc max. @ Tc = 100 °C
Input capacitance Ciss.: 920pF typ.
Output capacitance Coss.: 130pF typ.
Total gate charge.: 37nC typ.
Operating temp.: -55…+175deg. C

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Technical description file (datasheet)

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 3 × 0,5 × 0,4 cm


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