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ROW-PDS-0X 45W USB-C power supply for HF transceivers

The first ultra-portable universal power supply for QRP transceivers. Whether we are talking about the FT-817 transceiver, the Elecraft KX-2 or KX-3 or the mcHF SDR transceiver, with this power supply you can supply these transceivers or you can charge your phone, tablet or even a laptop, when not used to supply the transceivers. Being able to offer up to 45W via USB-C, it is the perfect power supply for all those who want to have with them a single source of energy, for the indispensable gadgets and for their hobby: e.g. ham radio.

How to buy / choose the right power supply for your transceiver?
Ex .: PDS-01, PDS-02, PDS-03 are the complete packages (power supply + USB-C cable + power cable/dongle) for mcHF, FT-817, Elecraft KX2 / 3. Instead, DS-01, DS-02, DS-03 are only the power cables / dongles for mcHF, FT-817, Elecraft KX2 / 3, so without the power supply (wall adapter) and USB-C cable. The complete package contains thepower supply (wall adapter with PD-power delivery), USB-C cable and the dongle / power plug, all packed in a sturdy cardboard box (pictured), measuring 105 (L) x 65 (L) x 47 (h) mm and weighing total of 190 g.

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