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ROW-PDS-0X 45W USB-C power supply for HF transceivers

The first ultra-portable universal power supply for QRP transceivers. Whether we are talking about the FT-817 transceiver, the Elecraft KX-2 or KX-3 or the mcHF SDR transceiver, with this power supply you can supply these transceivers or you can charge your phone, tablet or even a laptop, when not used to supply the transceivers. Being able to offer up to 45W via USB-C, it is the perfect power supply for all those who want to have with them a single source of energy, for the indispensable gadgets and for their hobby: e.g. ham radio.

How to buy / choose the right power supply for your transceiver?
Ex .: PDS-01, PDS-02, PDS-03 are the complete packages (power supply + USB-C cable + power cable/dongle) for mcHF, FT-817, Elecraft KX2 / 3. Instead, DS-01, DS-02, DS-03 are only the power cables / dongles for mcHF, FT-817, Elecraft KX2 / 3, so without the power supply (wall adapter) and USB-C cable. The complete package contains thepower supply (wall adapter with PD-power delivery), USB-C cable and the dongle / power plug, all packed in a sturdy cardboard box (pictured), measuring 105 (L) x 65 (L) x 47 (h) mm and weighing total of 190 g.

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ParameterSymbolValueUnitTest conditions/ comments
Electrical powerPd5V⎓3A (15W)
9V⎓3A (27W)
12V⎓3A (36W)
15V⎓3A (45W)
20V⎓2.25A (45W)
Wbased on the load (for HF QRP transceivers, we will use 12V/15Vdc ⎓ 3A)
Supply voltageUmain220Vacmains
TechnologyPPowerDelivery45W max.through USB-C
Max. power deliveryPl-max.45Wcontinuous
Status signaling-with L.E.Dlightborh for wall adapter and on USB-C cable

How does it work?


the dongle:


It is the assembly module on which the DC power plug of the transceiver is installed, and is equipped with a control circuit that activates the power supply output, depending on the consumer’s requirement. For example. if the power supply is connected via USB-C to a normal cell-phone, the module DS-01/02/03 will trigger the 5V / 3A output of the power supply. If the power supply it is connected to charge a tablet, it will trigger, via USB-C, the output of 20V / 2.25A Likewise, when you connect your QRP transceiver (the ones in the list), via USB-C, to the power supply wall adapter, the cable will send a command to the power supply to activate either the 12Vdc / 3Adc or 15Vdc / 3Adc output. It works great and it is simple and straight forward to use!

Here’s how it works this power supply connected to the mcHF QRP transceiver. It can deliver the maximum power required by the QRP transceiver. (video in RO)


Q: At what types of transceivers does this power supply fit?

A: to the mcHF SDR transceiver (M0NKA), the Yaesu FT-817 transceiver,  the Elecraft KX-2 and Elecraft KX-3 transceivers. Others are in progress to be added to the list.

Q: What is the maximum power that the power supply can deliver?

A: 45W (15V / 3Adc or 20V / 2.25Adc, depending on the load requirements)

Q: What special settings do I need to make to the transceiver to recognize this power supply system?

A: you do not have to make any settings, when you have connected the USB-C cable to the power supply and then to the transceiver, the power supply knows how to deliver the necessary power to the transceiver (15V / 3A, for example).

Q: What is the noise induced by the power supply in the transceiver?

A: The power supply is completely isolated from the mains, without grounding. It is shielded inside and the internal switching source it is superior quality, well insulated and with low noise. You will not notice any difference between powering the transceiver with a battery or with ROW-PDS-0X.

Q: How hot is the power supply at maximum power delivery?

A: the power supply does not heat up at all, at 45W delivered (in the first 10 min. of usage)

– resistant cardboard box / original packaging

– 1 x cable (length=1m), Baseus USB-C type (the cable is intended for applications up to 60W, via USB-C type PowerDelivery, 20V / 3A max.)

– dongle type power cable (equipped with angled or straight connector, DC-JACK-female, 2.5mm or 2.1mm diam.)

– Bliztwolf BL-PL4 45W PD USB portable power supply


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