• JUMA PA1000+ | 1kW | HF to 6m PA

    Convenient for DXpeditions, similar traveling events or base station. Uses LDMOS transistor with novel design output matching that provides great efficiency.

    JUMA PA1000+ | 1kW | HF to 6m PA
  • JUMA PA100D | 100W+ | HF PA

    High-performance, fully assembled, tested & calibrated, small-size, digital control, min. 100W HF linear PA with auto band detection.

    JUMA PA100D |  100W+ | HF PA
  • VLF Pocket Receiver | 5...220KHz

    Superheterodine receiver for CW, with frequency coverage from aprox. 5KHz to 220KHz. 455KHz BFO ceramic oscillator. 455KHz (3KHz BW) ceramic filter (LTM455HW) on board.

    VLF Pocket Receiver | 5...220KHz
  • MHF-4217 | MiniWhip Antenna

    Ultra-compact and ultra lightweight, portable HF telescopic Mini WhipAntenna. Designed for max. 15...20W QRP operation on 40/20/17m bands.

    MHF-4217 | MiniWhip Antenna
  • RFT18-20 | 64:1 Bal-Un

    High efficiency matching transformer, ultraportable, for SOTA or other outdoor activities. Based on FaiRite larger size bead instead of classic FT82-xx toroid.

    RFT18-20 | 64:1 Bal-Un
  • JUMA ASW-5 | Antenna Switch

    JUMA ASW5 is a automatic BCD controlled antenna switch for 10 HF bands and 5 antennas. It is designed to stand legal power levels.

    JUMA ASW-5 | Antenna Switch

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Other Radio Amateurs About Us

I just received the JUMA PA100-D from roWaves. Shipping to the US was extremely fast, just 3 or 4 days. I’m using the amp with an Icom IC-705 in Auto Band Detection-Freq. Sense Mode and it is working great. I really like how you can control the gain and the fan is so quiet. Don’t hesitate to order if you’re from the US, the communication from Andrei is great and no issues with shipping. There is not a better amp price/performance wise available for your QRP radio.

Michael Azzarello


The roWaves Juma PA-100D is an excellent 100+W amplifier. It is just the thing for adding some punch to your QRP signal when needed. It is a quality built unit and offers tremendous features, many which were unexpected by me. See it in action on YouTube with Andrei-YO6TJJ giving the demonstration. I love this little amp! Andrei and the entire roWaves team are a joy to work with. My transaction was without any difficulty and the unit shipped stateside very quickly. More importantly Andrei and his team are dedicated to superior customer service and support. Buy from roWaves with total confidence as Andrei and the team are the real deal !

Dave Hammond


Cool amplifier ! Exactly what I needed to field work. The build quality is respectable. Quiet fans. The controls are simple and straightforward. I used this amplifier to work in SSB, CW and Digital modes. An excellent choice for the price !

Vladimir Alimpyev


I knew mcHF from Youtube and reviews only. Now that I have it in my hand, it exceeded my expectations. I’m very satisfied. Selectivity, sensitivity, waterfall, transmitter power, everything is a dream come true for a QRP amateur. Fast delivery and a flawlessly functioning radio after assembly by this service is absolutely perfect. I would appreciate option of choosing an antenna connector between BNC and SMA. The mcHF has a slightly higher power consumption during receiving, maybe it would be solved by changing the CPU, eg STM32L4 series.

Miroslav Kondelka


Bought this RX-1 receiver as a receiver for when not in the shack. Tuned wire antenna and this little rig receives everything I want to hear.

John McClun


Very quickly delivered, the radio is nice, works very well, happy I bought it. Thanks to all roWaves team.

Jaroslav Dvorak


Ordered the fully assembled receiver beginning of 2021 when I was still in training for my license. Works as intended, would buy it again. Greetings from Germany.

Christian Rothländer


The JUMA PA100-D is a great and nice amp and was built very well by roWaves. This is a professional team. When connected to my Juma TRX, 817 Ft and KX3 I use it in CW and SSB mode. It usually runs at 50W-90W so it doesn’t heat up and the fan is quiet. For me, the right choice in terms of price / performance as well. My recommendation !

Gyorgy Zsolt


I built a small SDR, I liked how it works, but I wanted an “industrial” one and so I bought MCHF SDR assembled by roWaves. I’m more than satisfied. Lightweight, small, powerful, perfect for portable with a Lipolymer battery. Thanks roWaves.

Cheresdi Ioan Dorin


JUMA PA100-D is a great amplifier and very well built by the roWaves Technologies team. I use it connected to my SunSDR2-Pro for digital communications on FT8. It usually runs at 30W-50W so it doesn’t heat up and the fan is quiet. For me, the right choice is also in terms of price / performance. My recommendation !

Franc Cigut


I am very happy with the performance of the transceiver. There is no other QRP like it, great quality at a reasonable price. Stop looking and buy an MCHF here, 73.

Mauro Ruiz


Beautiful amp. Exactly what I was looking for. Well built and well thought. I use it between my SUNSDR2pro and my KPA500/ACOM2000. The fact to be able to control the amp gain is a charm. Now thinking on the PA1000, Congrats !

Marcel Jorba


I am very satisfied with this product from roWaves Technologies. The amplifier has been carefully assembled and extensively tested before it was shipped. After shipping I had already received the amplifier within 2 days. Highly recommended.

Jelke van der Meer


I recommend www.rowaves.com with confidence. Professionalism and quality products, 73 !

Alexandru Mancas


roWaves is a young and motivated team that puts passion in everything what they do. I bought a DSB 80-meter band transceiver, some time ago, and I was pleasantly impressed with both the practical implementation and performance. I strongly recommend roWaves and, as a mention, Andrei – YO6TJJ  –  is a great guy.  

Dorel Jula


I warmly and confidently recommend roWaves products. All products are professionally made from quality parts and components. Unassembled kits have clear and complete documentation, 73 !

Paul Cristea


About roWaves Technologies

roWaves Technologies was founded in 2014 by Andrei – YO6TJJ, with the exact purpose of helping the amateur radio community with quality products, materials and electronic components. roWaves Technologies ™ mainly manufactures, assembles and designs various equipment for amateur radio market and electronics hobbyists: low/medium/high power RF amplifiers (e.g. JUMA 1000W PA1000, 100W+ JUMA PA-100D PA) and various accessories for ham-radio. We also sell RF electronic components: magnetic materials, fixed & variable inductors, RF transistors, quartz crystals & various filters, RF connectors & adapters, various integrated circuits, trimmer capacitors or silver-mica capacitors etc.
Play Video about Workshop roWaves

roWaves Team

Andrei – YO6TJJ

Andrei – YO6TJJ

electronics engineer | new product development, schematic & layout design, customer care, business development

Andrei Drăgan

Andrei Drăgan

automation engineer | software & programming, manufacturing, product design, customer care, business process

Sabin – YO6SRS

Sabin – YO6SRS

electronics engineer (student) | simulation, schematic/layout, product prototyping, product evaluation responsible


Andrei – YO6AMA

electronics engineer (student) | product prototyping, schematic/layout, evaluation and modules assembly responsible

Our Technical Consultants / Advisors


Alexandru Ilie - YO9IZU

PhD Electronics Engineer | 10+ years experience in the RF and automotive industry


Corin Incicaș - YO3GNE

Senior RF Engineer | 25+ years experience in the RF & telecom industry


Dan Toma -YO3GGX

Electronics Engineer | Information Systems Architect | 10+ years as technology consultant

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